Faiz M Chowdhury's early life in rural Bangladesh was marked by significant challenges, laying the groundwork for a future tech visionary. His story is a narrative of resilience, innovation, and unwavering dedication to using technology for societal betterment, inspiring many across the globe.

Childhood: Roots of Determination

Born in an environment where necessities were scarce, he experienced the harsh realities of poverty and limited healthcare. This upbringing in Bangladesh deeply impacted his perspective, instilling a solid resolve to leverage science and technology for positive change.

Educational Journey: Laying the Groundwork for Success

He began his academic journey at the University of California, Berkeley, earning an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science degree. Furthering his education, Faiz attended advanced programs at Stanford, MIT, and Harvard Business School, acquiring robust skills and knowledge to fuel his innovative endeavors.


Professional Path: The Birth of a Vision

His career trajectory took a pivotal turn at Intel Corporation in 1997, where he realized the potential of technology as a tool for societal upliftment. This experience and early life insights spurred his ambition to address global issues through technological solutions.


Innovative Ventures: Making a Mark in Technology

A key milestone in his career was the collaboration with MIT Professor Ian W. Hunter at Nucleus Scientific, Inc. in 2009. This partnership led to the co-founding of Quantum Age Corporation (QAC), where Faiz M Chowdhury played an instrumental role in developing groundbreaking technologies across various sectors.


Quantum Green Corporation: A Commitment to Sustainability

In 2021, he founded Quantum Green Corporation (QGC), focusing on carbon sequestration and reduction technologies. This initiative underscored his dedication to tackling the global emissions challenge and promoting environmental sustainability.


Expertise and Impact: Diverse Contributions

His expertise extends to various domains, including carbon sequestration, health and wellness, graphene applications, blockchain, and biotechnology. Faiz's contributions in these areas have advanced technology and paved the way for significant innovations.


Global Betterment: A Life's Mission

He has consistently aimed to build an ecosystem of purpose-driven companies, focusing on critical areas such as energy transition, preventative healthcare, and promoting a green economy. These efforts align with the United Nations' sustainable development goals, highlighting his commitment to global progress.


Personal Life: The Essence of Kindness

In his personal life, kindness is more than a virtue; it's a way of living. This philosophy is evident in Faiz M Chowdhury's philanthropic activities, where he extends his influence beyond the technological realm into social welfare.


Philanthropy: Extending the Reach of Impact

His philanthropic endeavors began early by establishing a non-profit organization in his village in Bangladesh, focusing on education, food, and clothing. This early commitment to philanthropy has been a consistent theme throughout his life, complementing his professional pursuits.


A Beacon of Hope and Innovation

He is a beacon of hope and inspiration in the technology industry today. His journey from a rural village to Silicon Valley is a testament to the belief that technology, combined with compassion and a visionary mindset, can enact transformative changes globally. Faiz's life and work continue to inspire and drive innovation, establishing him as a true leader in the tech world.

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